My Take on the Famed Duke's Martini

The Luke's Martini

February 02, 2018

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This Martini is a slight variation of the famous Duke's Martini. If you are at The Dukes Hotel (35 St James's Place, London) and you ask for a Martini; it will come table side poured from a bottle of frozen gin. No bitters, just a dash of dry vermouth to "clean the carpet" and frozen gin. It will then . . .

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A Martini a Day Keeps Things Interesting

King of Cocktails

January 07, 2018

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The Martini is the quintessential cocktail and my personal favorite. It is so well known in fact that the glass vessel that contains one was even taken over by the name. Now anything that goes into a straight sided cocktail glass is a SOMETHING-tini. I say to drink whatever you like but if I am ordering a “tini” it will be . . .

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